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The Guardian Program from The Ottawa Home Renovator provides the most thorough, safe and extensive home monitoring program to Ottawa residents while they are away for any extended period of time.

About Us

With The Guardian Program, We guarantee that your home remain exactly how you left it. We will be your personal Guardians! Furthermore, The Ottawa Home Renovator is a full service renovation company so there is no need to leave you with contact numbers for various trades people in case something does go wrong in your home…we handle everything in house! We strive to keep the number of people entering in your home to a minimum and this allows us to GUARANTEE that your home is in the safest of hands at ALL times! Anyone who steps foot inside your home while you’re gone belongs to us!

Products and Services:

  • Checking on security system
  • Furnace – A/C – Plumbing inspection
  • Mail retrieval
  • Clearing driveway and/ or walkway (in winter)
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Pet care
  • Light change-up
  • Plant care
  • Car arrangement in driveway

The Process:

  • Free initial consult
  • Create custom checklist to make sure that we have all the bases covered
  • Second consult – walkthrough everything that is laid out in the contract
  • Contract signed by both parties
  • TOHR Welcome/ Information Package (contract, proof of insurance, pay schedule and The Ottawa Home Renovator Welcome Letter)
  • Exchange contact numbers and discuss best means to keep in touch with the client.


With The Guardian Program you can rest assured that your home is in the safest hands. Unlike other companies, we specialize in EVERYTHING to do with the home. Thus there is no need for us to leave you with contact numbers for various trades and services and did we mention that we offer The Ottawa Home Renovator’s 5 Year Warranty on all of our work!? So keep your home insurance valid, embark on whatever adventure your heart desires and be confident that your home and everything with it will be well taken care of.

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