Multifamily dwellings are very common now and as such In-Law Suites are becoming one of the more prominent searches larger families look for when purchasing a home. Whether you are looking for an In-Law Suite for a family member or for investment purposes, (rental income) adding an In-Law Suite will add value to your home!We customize your In-Law Suite based on your property and of course your vision.

We take everything into consideration from lot size, privacy concerns, special needs for families and budget to ensure we get it right. We also take care of all necessary permits!

If you are looking to turn your basement into a complete In-Law Suite fully functioning with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, The Ottawa Home Renovator can create a space for you within your budget that accommodates your needs and provides you with a space worthy of showing off. Basement remodeling is also one of the least costly ways too add an In-Law Suite to your home. Don't be surprised when we are done that you will want to live in that space and we mean that. We have built In-Law Suites for clients that have ultimately moved into the new space and rented the one they were previously living in and it is an amazing feeling for us. We take pride in our work and love when our clients are beyond excited for the dream that we turned into reality.

Garage apartments are also very popular and a great addition for an In-Law Suite. The Ottawa Home Renovator is experienced in In-Law Suite options and we take the time to fully understand what you are looking for and ensure that we meet your goals. Always stay in the loop with a dedicated Project Manager at your side throughout the entire renovation journey.

The Ottawa Home Renovator’s process is designed to make this a truly positive experience for our clients:

• A Floor plan and 3D rendering which can be altered as needed

• Free quote with detailed scope of work (You will know exactly all the work that needs to

be done throughout the project)

• Everything is completed on time and budget

• Fixed Priced Contracts (No surprises)

• Dedicated Project Manager

• 5 Year Warranty for all jobs (We stand by our work with pride)

• One stop shop with Plan, Design and Build services to match your needs.

• Ottawa best licensed contractors (We work with only the best)

How do you know we are the right choice to build your In-Law Suite?

All this sounds great but how do I know as a homeowner that you are the right choice?

Well you can trust the team at The Ottawa Home Renovator because we offer all of our clients the following before committing to a job:

• Full company details and transparency

• 3 References of past clients

• Proof of insurance

• Guaranteed in writing detailed scope of work and warranty

• End of Job walk through with contractors and project manager

• Ottawa Home Group Member leading to discounts in other home services

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