For many of us, renovating a home is a once in a lifetime endeavor. Consequently, the right renovation plan is crucial. You probably have some notion of the type of design that you hope to create so here are some of the basic elements to assist you on your renovation journey.

Start by meeting with a TOHR Project Coordinator and a TOHR Contractor to discuss your renovation dream. Meeting with the Project Coordinator and Contractor right from the beginning eliminates any need for a ‘middle man’ and keeps everyone on the same page so nothing gets lost in translation. It is at this point we will grasp exactly what you’re looking for, your tastes, budget, and also possibly offer professional insight if you are unsure on anything. It is crucial that a solid plan is in place so that we can effectively move on to the design of your new space!

Even after the design is complete the planning does not stop. You will then be given the design, a timeline, and a fixed price detailed scope of work! At The Ottawa Home Renovator we take great pride in our Client Care skills to ensure that you, the client, are at ease and excited about your new renovation!

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