The Ottawa Home Renovator’s approach to developing Plan, Design & Build projects has been adjusted to deliver maximum client value, while minimizing the risk. Based on the plan of the renovation, we create a detailed 3D design of your new space delivering an end result that exceeds your expectations. Oh and did we mention that the 3D design is free?!

It is important that all of your questions and concerns be answered in one place. At The Ottawa Home Renovator we have a seamless partnership between our designers, contractors and project managers eliminating your stress and hassle dealing with multiple companies and constantly hoping that everyone is on the same page. We provide design work for a number of reasons but here are a few of the major ones:

  • 1- You will not be left in the dark until the renovation has been completed. You know exactly what you will be getting with your new space.
  • 2- Our contractors know how the intended space is to look. The design along with the Scope of Work keeps the contractor on the right track!
  • 3- Pricing!!! Knowing all the details right down to the finishes allows us to give you a fixed price contract so there will be no surprises. It is an awful feeling getting half way through a renovation only for the contractor coming to you and asking for more money. We agree!
  • 4- We handle any necessary building permits with the city so if any changes need to be made, we can make them in-house. This eliminates the need to go back and forth between designer/ architect/ engineer and general contractor!

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